Future Nature is an adventurous project in that it uses contemporary technology to enable a sculptural work to provide a performative experience for the viewer. In conjunction with a story teller who works in the medium of Augmented Reality (AR) Simone Eisler will develop another layer of reality and interpretation to her sculptural installation that takes place over 16 days for the 2021 Floating Land Biennale this October. The installation is an extension of her previous work in which she explores animal and plant species evolution and transformation due to climate change. In this work she specifically looks at the interchange between the marine and the terrestrial. In one section of the boardwalk between Little Cove and the National Park she will install a range of transformed large sculptural creatures and corals on the tree trunks. These forms will appear to be climbing, clinging or suspended on and between the trees. The creatures and plant forms will be made of natural materials including animal and fish materials, as well as found plastics and other found manufactured materials. To push the interpretation of her work further and to enable its longevity post Floating Land an AR component will provide a second visual layer to the installation.

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