Artists' Projects

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Fabrizio Biviano

Black Swan Theory

24 kitsch tyre swans (cut from reclaimed car tyres) installed as a ballet of swans appearing to drift across the glassy waters of Lake Cootharaba at Boreen Point.

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Melissa Stannard

Edge Effect

Led by contemporary First Nations artist and jeweller, Melissa Stannard (Yuwaaalaraay, Gamilaraay and Koama), Edge Effect saw the creation of three large collectively-composed sails, laden with cyanotype images reflecting the diversity of the Noosa community.

Boreen Point

Natalie Ryan Afeverofrays Fl

Natalie Ryan

A Fever Of Rays

Possibly Floating Land’s first exclusively underwater sculptural installation; 3 bronze, life sized Whiprays (which can be spotted in Lake Cootharaba), installed just below the surface of the water in the shallows of Lake Cootharaba.

Boreen Point

Bilbie Virtual

Bilbie Virtual Studios, Brian Warner and Mia Hacker.

Virtual Noosa

A series of augmented reality experiences based on Kabi Kabi cultural heritage.

Park Road Boardwalk


Kristin McIver

Tidal Piece

A phrase from an algorithmically generated poem based on climate statistics stands proud of Little Cove. With the beach as a backdrop, the text lights up in white neon against the night sky.

Park Road Boardwalk

Ash Keating Untitled Fl

Ash Keating


A fractured sunset spans 30 double side painted panels, scattered across various sites and conjuring isolated occasions of a larger collective experience.

Boreen Point / Park Road Boardwalk

Debbie Symonds Sing, 2021

Debbie Symons


Sing is an immersive and poetic work reflective of delicate and intricate natural connections found in remaining ‘wild’ environments. It is a major new work created in response to Symon’s 2018 Labverde residency in Manaus, State of Amazonia, Brazil.

Park Road Boardwalk

Beeyali 03

Lyndon Davis, Leah Barclay and Tricia King


Beeyali is a Kabi Kabi word meaning ‘to call’. This work visualises the calls of wildlife on Kabi Kabi Country using cymatics, the science of visualising acoustic energy or sound.

Boreen Point

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Simone Eisler

Future Nature

An augmented reality experience that sees a sculptural installation continue to bloom around the viewer with species that have fled the sea below due to the effects of climate change.

Park Road Boardwalk

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Amanda Bennetts

Message Obscura

Using recycled letterboxes, camera obscura, photography and video, 'Message Obscura' is a site-specific installation by artist Amanda Bennetts.

Park Road Boardwalk

Jaime Kiss

Jaime Kiss

Think, Wish & Drink

An urban art intervention that looks to expose the water we drink to positive thoughts, in turn fostering the same response in our bodies.

Park Road Boardwalk

James Muller

James Muller

The Ground Parrot Project

An iconic local species on the verge of extinction, with fewer than 20 thought to be surviving in the region’s wallum heath, these large feather sculptures set out to draw attention to their plight.

Park Road Boardwalk

Walk+talk Ben Vos Horizon Festival Crop

Leah Barclay

Holocene Sound Walk

An immersive sound walk along the edge of the lake at Boreen Point that connects to the soundscapes of global biosphere reserves.

Boreen Point

Miles Allen And Sam Taylor Re Cast Wip Detail Nrg

Miles Allen, Sam Taylor and Clare Kennedy


Made entirely from waste building material and waste concrete, this installation references the Sand Bubbler Crabs’ cleaning and building practices in re-casting of sand balls at low tide.

Boreen Point

Scheu Freed Plastic Belly 16

Courtney Scheu and Itamar Freed

Plastic Belly

A performance by artists Courtney Scheu and Itamar Freed.

Boreen Point

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High energy, original world dance fusion will ring in the launch of Floating Land at Boreen Point with driving rhythms propelled by upbeat marimbas.

Boreen Point

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Libby Derham and Kris Martin with students from St. Andrew's Anglican College

Silent Song

An empty nest lays silently on the water, displaced from its home and unused without its occupants, the- the Black Necked Stork (Jabiru).

Boreen Point

Petalia Humphreys Sightlines Maquette Experiment Image 3

Petalia Humphreys


Working with hard-edge abstraction, Petalia’s practice merges painting and sculptural form.

Boreen Point

Rosie Lloyd Giblett

Rosie Lloyd Giblett, Helena Jackson Lloyd and Yanni Van Zijl


Distinctions between painting, drawing, sculpture and dance dissolve in this performative work that see three artists wrestle with and negotiate a shared response to place on a single surface.

Little Cove

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Kevin McMahon

Occupied Curiosities

Responding to site, the artist occupies a select spot at Lake Cootharaba, loaded with history, to make work that is at once multidisciplinary and socially interactive.

Boreen Point


Kris Martin, Simon McVerry and Samantha Cicak

The Age Of The Jellyfish

Three large jellyfish hang amongst the trees along the boardwalk. Among the few sea creatures that are flourishing under changing climate conditions, is this the beginning of the Age of the Jellyfish?

Park Road Boardwalk

Angela Van Boxtel

Angela Van Boxtel


Geometric patterns created from single-use plastic bottle caps effloresce across aa expanse of grass, edging ever closer to the pristine water it fringes.

Boreen Point

Audience at David Bentley Trio Dawn Jazz Performance 2019.

David Bentley Quintet

Dawn Jazz Performance

As the sun rises over majestic Lake Cootharaba, see in the new day with a jazz performance amongst the trees and against a blazing red sky.

Boreen Point

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Tamara Kirby and Corrie Wright


A seemingly ‘transmogrified’ landscape of over two hundred tiny cushions morphs a rocky outcrop, posing the ambiguous question… ‘how far are we prepared to go?’

Boreen Point

Image For Artist's Projects Page Topography

Bianca Tainsh and Katie Harris-MacLeod

A Topography For Reflection

Recomposed as a watery amphitheatre, Lake Weyba becomes both protagonist and platform for a series of performative exchanges, where interior and exterior landscapes merge.

Lake Weyba

Grace Dewar, Bronte Naylor And Laurie Oxenford Promo Image

Grace Dewar, Bronte Naylor and Laurie Oxenford

Total Process

TOTAL PROCESS evolves as a quasi-structure, research studio and meeting place occupied by three artists, interrogating site and circumstance throughout the 16 days of Floating Land.

Boreen Point

Ciavarella 2

Michael Ciavarella in collaboration with Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre


An installation of floating mirrored steps subverts the order of water and sky, prompting us to reexamine our place within the environment.

Boreen Point

2013 Floating Land 2013 Floating Land Text Kris Martin Photo Raoul Slater Hero

Various Artists

Signs Of The Times

Ten information panels take a look back on the history of Floating Land, highlighting a project from each of the past iterations.

Park Road Boardwalk