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Floating Land: point to point is the 2019 iteration of Noosa’s iconic biennial art even, featuring sculptural and performative installations in nature across two definitive and breathtaking sites – Boreen Point and Noosa National Park - and several spaces in between.

Extending on the pressing, poetic and ambitious works that are encountered in the natural environment during the Floating Land Biennale, the Floating Land Symposium provides a platform for in-depth discussion and a sharing of ideas around art’s ability to engage with the environment during a period of unprecedented urgency for action and change.

Across a series of compelling presentations, a gathering of notable artists and cultural leaders will reflect on the dynamic between art and environment; consider what’s at stake both materially and culturally; and investigate the creative interdependency of

Art’s Mark on the Environment

The Environment’s Mark on Art

This symposium is an opportunity to meet and hear from international, national and local artists on how art and the environment can create change.

Wednesday 23 October 2019
10.00am – 5.00pm including lunch breaks
The J - 60 Noosa Drive, Noosa Junction


Lyndon Davis and Brent Miller – Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi)

Deborah Hart – CLIMARTE – arts for a safe climate

Masao Okabe and Chihiro Minato – Trees to Trees – Okabe revisits Noosa after 31 years (pictured)

Blaklash – First Nations involvement in Brook Andrew’s Travelling Colony

Bianca Beetson – Indelible Stain – responding to the history of Murdering Creek

Leah Barclay – River Listening from Source to Sea

Kristian Haggblom – The Blue Sea of Foliage

Domenico de Clario – Floating Land, Floating Moon

Is art leaving its mark on the environment or is the environment leaving its mark on art?

Attendees are invited to mingle with the artists and presenters at The J Bar following the Floating Land Symposium.

Image: Masao Okabe.

The Floating Land Symposium has been generously supported by Friends Noosa Regional Gallery.