Community Critics

Community Critics and Noosa Today

Sat 24 June to Sun 30 July

Often the best writing about art is simple and easy to understand – something that’s not always synonymous with ‘art-speak’ and the language encountered in art galleries and exhibition reviews. Community Critics sees a range of people from different backgrounds write responses to Floating Land projects, describing and interpreting them through their own lens.

Our Community Critics for Floating Land: Us and Them are...

Graham Causon (Barber)

Chat GPT (Artificial Intelligence Chatbot)

Nikolai Knudsen (Lifesaver)

Cr Amelia Lorentson (Councillor, Noosa Shire Council)

Tessa McLennan (Trauma Counsellor)

Joel McPherson (Tour Guide)

Darrian Mooney (Electrician)

Alex Murray (Tech Villager)

Cherie O’Sullivan (Environment Officer)

Lucy Schmid (Naturopath)

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