Warwick Gow

Ode to DIY

Noosa Regional Gallery, Tewantin

Sat 3 June to Sun 30 July

An exhibition of photographic works in celebration of the DIY ethic that challenges notions of representation.

An Ode to DIY is the first solo exhibition of Sunshine Coast-based artist Warwick Gow. A survey of portrait works and installation pieces created by Gow over the last five years; the work represents a diverse group of individuals from different communities and subcultures that Gow frequently inhabits, and celebrates identity, and the collective power of individuals who are unashamedly themselves within a society that would at times rather they wouldn’t be.

This exhibition embraces the DIY ethic that one can express oneself and create moving and serious dialogue with limited means. It is an invitation to recognize a shared sense of empathy, regardless of how we are viewed within our communities.

Gow is constantly informed by the evolving socio-political environment we all share. He uses his art practice as a way to advocate for collective action toward more equitable communities, placing local fringe culture into broader socio-political conversations without diluting the unique identities of his subjects.

Weaving complex perspectives and contradictions into installation pieces, featuring self-portraiture in an effort to actively disrupt spaces, Gow is constantly influenced by the people and subcultures surrounding him. Challenging notions of self, accountability, and privilege, this exhibition honours the sustained DIY ethos so many individuals embrace when just existing is seen as a threat.


Exhibition Opening, Noosa Regional Gallery

Fri 2 June, 5.30– 7.30pm

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