Ketakii Jewson-Brown and Shaye Hardisty

Lax Luxe Deluxe: The Sunshine Coat X Floating Land

Noosa River Foreshore, Tewantin Splash Park

Sat 8 July – 3 to 5pm

Bringing the street fashions of Nambour to Noosa, Ketakii Jewson-Brown and Shaye Hardisty have collaborated with eleven other creatives to craft a series of coats representative of the richness and diversity of the township of Nambour. These garments come to life on a catwalk custom consigned for Floating Land in a one-off couture extravaganza.

MCed by Fashion Editor, Hello Sunshine Magazine, Carlie Wacker and supported by In Noosa.

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Ketakii Jewson-Brown and Shaye Hardisty

Lax Luxe Deluxe: The Sunshine Coat X Floating Land

The latest iteration of "The Sunshine Coat Project" takes the form of a fashion show for Floating Land 2023's "Us and Them" event. This unique presentation transports the Nambour coats to the upscale and gentrified setting of Noosa, offering an intriguing juxtaposition of cultures and environments. The fashion show not only showcases the artistry of Ketakii Jewson-Brown and Shaye Hardisty but also prompts thought-provoking conversations around social dynamics and community identity.

In this unconventional setting, the Nambour coats become symbolic artifacts, representing the rich diversity and heritage of Nambour itself. The coats, meticulously crafted by Hardisty with a focus on sustainable fashion practices, serve as a visual embodiment of the artists' dedication to conscious consumption. By displaying them in Noosa, a town known for its affluence and tourist appeal, the artists prompt viewers to consider the contrast between the two communities and the complex relationship between "us" and "them."

The fashion show offers a visually captivating experience, with models parading the coats down the runway amidst an atmosphere of sophistication. The vibrant colours and intricate designs of the coats create a striking contrast against the refined backdrop of Noosa, stimulating the viewers' imagination and inviting contemplation on the notion of cultural exchange and appropriation.

Through their artistry, Jewson-Brown and Hardisty encourage dialogue surrounding issues of class, identity, and place. The transplantation of the Nambour coats into Noosa challenges preconceived notions and invites viewers to question the boundaries that separate communities. It serves as a reminder that art has the power to bridge gaps and foster understanding, even in the face of social and cultural disparities.

Overall, the fashion show version of "The Sunshine Coat Project" for Floating Land 2023's "Us and Them" is a thought-provoking and visually stunning exploration of the interplay between different communities. The juxtaposition of the Nambour coats against the backdrop of gentrified Noosa offers an opportunity for reflection on social dynamics and the complexities of identity. Jewson-Brown and Hardisty's artistry and commitment to sustainability continue to shine through, engaging viewers in an immersive experience that goes beyond the realm of fashion.

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