Laura Woodward

How do we hold these things together?

Pomona Cemetery, Pomona

Sat 24 June to Sun 30 July

Laura Woodward is an artist who works in kinetic sculpture and installation.

Installed at the back of the Pomona Cemetery, Laura Woodward considers the process of new death technologies, such as water cremation, and what kinds of ceremonies, rituals or spaces might develop around these emerging body disposal methods. How do we hold these things together? imagines aspace for mourning, in which the deceased’s remains might form a sonic landscape for a period of time whilst loved ones take the time to say goodbye.

Often the best writing about art is simple and easy to understand – something that’s not always synonymous with ‘art-speak’ and the language encountered in art galleries and exhibition reviews. Community Critics sees a range of people from different backgrounds write responses to Floating Land projects, describing and interpreting them through their own lens.

COMMUNITY CRITIC: Darrian Mooney (Electrician)

Laura Woodward

How do we hold these things together?

Walking into the site of this installation, it became very clear that this has nothing to do with next year’s Mardi Gras celebration.

Welcomed by a well-manicured field surrounded by tall trees and housing hundreds of gravestones. Passing through the cemetery, I couldn’t help but notice a few headstones that were well over 100 years old, some headstones in a state of decay. Cemeteries are for the living, to mourn, to visit their deceased loved ones. But who visits after 100 years when the deceased haven’t had a direct bond with the next generation? Their headstone on display, only for strangers passing by.

Now, I’m a tradesman, so let’s talk practically for a minute. The idea of water cremation is intriguing, but poses the question, how does it disintegrate a body? What are the mechanics involved to allow this?

Assuming water cremation is possible however, it could be noted that it would be much more environmentally friendly compared to traditional cremation, or burial - given the absurd amount of gas needed for cremation and the finite area of land left available in the cemetery.

Thinking about the installation, I couldn’t help but think about death nurturing life, with these vessels on display, running water down onto the grass. Also, thinking about how long the process lasts begs the question, will it be a part of the funeral service, or a temporary display for loved ones to visit to mourn.



Age: 6 + years, $10 per child

Tuesday 27 June, 10 – 11.30am


Visit Pomona Cemetery and learn the art of frottage or rubbing through creating ‘prints’ from gravestones and markers.

Safely and respectfully discover this ancient and traditional practice used by family history researchers for preserving tombstone inscriptions. Experiment with layering and collaging images and colours to create a variety of textures using crayon and charcoal on rice paper.


Please note the Gallery has sought permission for this workshop. Parents required to stay.

Meeting point for the workshop is at the site of Laura Woodward’s Floating Land artwork in Pomona Cemetery.

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Thu 29 June, 3 - 5pm

Join Laura Woodward with a panel of other speakers in a Climate Conversation on Thursday 29 June at3.00pm, where they will discuss death and dying and its environmental impacts.

The panel will include:

Seating is limited. BYO picnic blanket is welcome. 

Seating is limited. BYO picnic blanket is welcome. 

A FREE ticketed event.

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