Floating Land Archive Site 2021


Tamara Kirby and Corrie Wright

A seemingly ‘transmogrified’ landscape of over two hundred tiny cushions morphs a rocky outcrop, posing the ambiguous question… ‘how far are we prepared to go?’

With this installation, Tamara Kirby and Corrie Wright aim to highlight the need to consider a ‘soft landing’ in our future approach, to minimise and cushion the effects our impact has on habitats. Paradoxes and contrasts are central to this work, with soft forms sitting on hard surfaces; small interventions scattering across large objects; and temporary gestures imposing themselves on the relatively permanent objects the rest upon. The deliberate patterning on the installation ‘butts up against’ the organic nature of nature, while the small ephemeral shapes offer nature a metaphorical ‘cushioning effect’ – a protection for future detrimental infiltrations on the environment.

Tamara Kirby and Corrie Wright share an interest in visual arts, process-based creations and site-specific environmental installations. Both Sunshine Coast artists see their practice as being informed by the exploration of materials and the opportunity to ‘off guard’ the viewer’s sensation through spectacle, and physical engagement. Kirby and Wright are long time collaborators, in art as well as in life. Their practice spans both national and international arenas in the form of personal exhibitions, public art commissions, performance and environmental installations. Their work activates participation through experience and seeks to respond to the time and place in which we are living.