Floating Land Archive Site 2021

Plastic Belly

Courtney Scheu and Itamar Freed

Plastic Belly is a contemporary dance performance by Sunshine Coast-based choreographer Courtney Scheu and visual artist Itamar Freed. Plastic Belly explores the artists’ lived experience of this extraordinary time, navigating the boundaries of a new future and capturing the ever-present tension between the desire for intimacy and the primal need for self-protection. It explores human connection, at a point in history when this topic is more relevant than ever.

Courtney Scheu and Itamar Freed are interested in the potential found in the intersection of visual art and contemporary dance. They collaborate and aim to create representations of place that are a synthesis of natural landscape, history and people, conveyed as a layered experience with an audience. Freed and Scheu are establishing a collaborative practice through a shared interest in engaging with nature and the environment. They are focusing on creating work that will create connection in the recognition of shared experiences. Their work attempts to alert the viewer to the dissolving of two seemingly separate categories – nature and culture.