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Virtual Noosa

Bilbie Virtual Studios with Brian Warner and Mia Hacker

Virtual Songlines – the basis of Virtual Noosa – is a software application that facilitates the sharing of ancient wisdom. It blends new technologies of augmented and virtual realities with an ancient culture, using topographical environments, scientific knowledge, and the natural environment as it historically was to reflect the cultural ways of our original Australian custodians. They strive to take people back in time to experience this historical-cultural knowledge and to immerse people into 360-degree depictions of cultural heritage place and being.

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Brian Warner (Kabi Kabi Native Title Applicant) a descendent of the Kabi Kabi and Wakka Wakka tribes.  What inspires Brian is the means by which Federal, State and Local Government Agencies could build economic sustainability outcomes through social impact business development that supports Kabi Kabi interests. His greatest love is oral storytelling where he can share with everyone, an insight into the cultural heritage and connection to country of the Kabi Kabi people, arts and culture.

Maurice Mickelo is a descendant of the Kabi Kabi and of King Tommy of Noosa. He is motivated to share his cultural knowledge of the Kabi Kabi at any opportunity and is the custodian of the Shark and Stingray story which he has kindly given to this project. His descriptive and engaging narratives speak of the local environment and paints an enduring and encouraging story about the Noosa topographical landscape and in particular the headland and how it can be.

Kerry Jones is a renowned Kabi Kabi Elder. He shares his deep cultural knowledge about many things. For this project, he speaks of the long history of the Mullet Run. Kerry immerses and transports the listener through the soaring travels of Gunga, the white-breasted sea eagle. He speaks of its travels, flying high to low and diving down to hunt and eat. It is important to look and see their travels as this is the sign for where the big catch might be schooling so the catch is plentiful for everyone to eat. Kerry speaks of this and about seasonal plants, about net making for the fish traps and the importance of the cottonwood tree.

Donna Krause is a Kabi Kabi descendant.  Her stories tell us about the Dolphin, how the Kabi Kabi trained them and the clever ways of catching fish like the Tailor. Her custodian knowledge speaks of relationships of the Kabi Kabi between the land and the sea and that careful management is key to sustainable harvest that is timeless and as lore must be respected.