Floating Land Archive Site 2021

Occupied Curiosities

Kevin McMahon

Occupied Curiosities is an artist-in-residence project for Floating land. Occupying a site adjacent to a deserted and discarded shed, activates an ’unknown outcome’ for Kevin McMahon. As an artist, the purpose of this stance is to set up a provocation of dialogue and investigation on how to discover ‘what IS possible’. As a developer of new ideas, the potential to present a new outlook within the constraint of a short timeframe, is where Mcmahon will challenge himself. To achieve this, engagement with an audience is critical. Activating interest of passers-by to question ‘WHY IS THIS PERSON THERE?’ will feed the building of an outcome.

Kevin McMahon has a multidisciplinary arts practice primarily with a focus on site specific installations. His work reflects his surrounds, not just the natural and synthetic environment he inhabits, but also the contemporary cultural systems he is a part of. Through combining discarded utilitarian materials and tinkering with elements of wordplay, Mcmahon creates metaphors and references that keep in sync with our changing times.

McMahon’s projects take place in locations that have a potential to engage with the public, inviting a sense of tactile participation. His most recent project, Place2Play, developed over a six-month period during 2019/20, was an art initiative to create a sense of community by enhancing cultural vibrancy.

This project has been supported by Biomiq | Microbiome Therapeutic Solutions and McCormick Upholstery