Floating Land Archive Site 2021


Angela Van Boxtel

KALEIDOSKOTOPIA sees Angela Van Boxtel create geometric patterns created from single use plastics (bottle caps). Her installation swarms across the grass and sand on the shores of Lake Cootharaba, posing the question, how can one bottle cap make a difference? The artist believes that connecting as humans and revealing patterns we can shift the waste problem to one of resources to be explored.

Eco Artist & Designer Angela van Boxtel is a Dutch, Sydney based, Artist. Her works explore environmental waste issues, the impact on our environment & global fast consumption. She is a well-respected workshop facilitator in the Australian arts, environmental, design & festival scene. (Sydney Design Festival, Manly Arts Festival, Hidden Rookwood, Pittwater Youth Festival, SWAP Sustainable Waste to Art (Ryde) North Sydney Art Prize, Warringah Art Prize, Woolhara Small Sculpture Art Prize). As an artist, she loves to explore the current trending global issue of plastic pollution. Her art pieces captivate audiences by their intriguing beauty of transforming waste into design. Van Boxtel is known for her skilled inventive use of the traditional textile techniques such as crochet, knitting & weaving applied towards waste metamorphosis.

The artist challenges her audience to look at waste as a resource and to rethink consumerism. Her art pieces sit in the landscape celebrating and connecting with nature by use of unnatural materials. Sculptures have been shown and been finalists in at for example North Sydney Art Prize, Warringah Art Prize, Eden Garden, Sculptures at Killalea, Sustainable Waste to Art Ryde, Re-Imagine, Sculptures at Bayside, Sculptures on the Green, Sculptures in the Vineyard, SWELL Sculpture Festival). The artist has also worked in the commercial field with businesses such as Westfield, Q Station, and Blackmores to educate audiences on the issue of living more sustainable and producing less waste.