Floating Land Archive Site 2021

Tidal Piece

Kristin McIver

Tidal Piece delivers an excerpt from one of Kristin McIver’s data poems – texts composed using climate statistics relating to ocean temperatures collected over a 30-year period. The statistics are assigned to words which are in turn manipulated by an algorithm to form artificially generated poetry. Each phrase or excerpt is therefore an outcome of data and algorithms related to climate change, becoming poetry in their own right.

Tidal Piece is a companion piece to Wave Piece, a neon from McIver’s recent show at Jane Lombard Gallery in New York.

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Kristin McIver is an Australian artist based in New York. Her conceptual practice includes sculpture, painting, sound, video and installation. Utilising devices such as language, light, data and algorithms, the works explore themes of identity as commodity within digital consumer culture.

The artist examines personal identity and its relationship to social media, and how the participants of digital culture become both the subject and object of the media cycle. McIver’s works propose that ideologies served to consumers through social media networks empowered by advancing technologies are engineered behind the screen by political and market agendas. In turn, these algorithmic ‘truths’ become referents for new models of self-representation, reshaping global social politics.