Floating Land Archive Site 2021

The Ground Parrot Project


‘Eastern Ground Parrots – probably fewer than 20 – were thought to survive in the area of wallum heath in Noosa National Park and Mt Coolum National Park.’

– Greg Roberts – sunshinecoastbirds.blogspot.com

James Muller returns to Floating Land with another ambitiously-scaled project steeped in the story of the region. Three towering feathers echoing the markings of the Eastern Ground Parrot stand to attention amid the scattered ground cover through which the Park Road Boardwalk weaves its path.

Another iconic local species on the verge of extinction, Muller directs our attention to its plight though statuesque quills whose scale somehow emphasises the fragility and diminishing size of the species population.

James Muller is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work is influenced by environmental science and cultural ecologies.   Utilising screen technologies and emerging digital media, or natural materials and landscapes, or often both, James creates large scale and immersive installations which seek to connect people to their environments.

James creates projects with intrinsic cultural and ecological values. His award-winning works are often found in unexpected places and surfaces.

James Muller runs the media studio Earth Base Productions and has over 20 years’ experience in the film, television, digital media and creative industries.

@ earthbasemedia