Floating Land Archive Site 2021

Think, Wish & Drink

Jaime Kiss

Think, Wish & Drink is an urban art intervention engaging with six water bottle refill stations around Noosa. Jamie Kiss’ project is born out of the idea that human consciousness, directed in a specific way, can have a measurable effect on the molecular structure of water – a concept espoused by Dr Masaru Emoto of Japan. Because our bodies are 75% water, Kiss proposes that exposing the water we drink to positive thoughts will foster the same positive response in our body.

Temporarily wrapped in vibrant acrylic covers offering different positive messages, the public are invited to take a sticker with them that shares the same message, fixing it to their refillable water bottle and fostering a sense of wellbeing, both emotionally and physically.

From a contemporary perspective through constructive language, Jaime Kiss finds his artistic drive in existence and reality itself. Enlightened by science, philosophy, history of art, culture and his own sense of curiosity to observe our time, he challenges perspectives about the world and its inhabitants, translating materiality into geometric compositions using the power of colour and simplicity. Kiss provokes a debate between traditional notions of perception and interpretation, encouraging the audience to experiment with the subjects, where the material support transcends its state and provokes a profound analysis. Rather than generating specific answers, Kiss seeks to inspire new questions – questions about how we perceive ourselves and the world around us to interpret reality; engaging rather than just to inform; inviting experimentation rather than just to look; but even more, to sense and change, thrive and grow.

Jaime Kiss has exhibited and curated exhibitions across Europe and UK, moving to Queensland, Australia in 2018 where he has participated in group exhibitions and been selected as a finalist in several art awards.